Accounting Technician Course

Accounting Technician Qualifications, accredited by Accounting Technicians South Africa– AT (SA) ,an affiliate of South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA). These are credit-bearing qualifications registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

NQF Level 3: Accounting Qualification (AQ)
NQF Level 4 Accounting Qualification (AQ)
NQF Level 5: Accounting Qualification (AQ)

Classes are run on demand.

Location: Our classrooms are located at no 22 Island Circle in Riverhorse Valley in Durban Queen Nandi Drive Kwa-Zulu Natal. Depending on a flexible timetable, classes are run for 3 days per week in order for the students to be able to work as well as study. We will complete one module a month. At the end of each module, learners are assessed (most of the assessments are computer based).

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Entry Requirements for Accounting Technician Course

Grade 12 (preferably) with Accounting, Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy, or an employee who is performing bookkeeping or clerical duties who does not have accounting qualification. Prior to acceptance the student will write an aptitude test  to establish whether they have a passion and aptitude for numbers and accounting.

Research shows that many people are locked into wrong careers, which leads to non-productivity within their respective work environment.


Accounting Technician Qualification (AQ) is built as a progression pathway that takes learners from a foundational level through to an advanced level of accounting knowledge, skills and competencies.

The teaching and learning approach is focused on the application of the newly acquired skills, from qualification to the workplace. The resultant outcome is a fit for purpose employee who is able to function independently, produce error free work and make a meaningful contribution to business performance.

Employment Prospects

Accounting Technicians play a vital support role to entrepreneurs in all sectors of the economy to improve organizational productivity and efficiency, thus the qualification enables accounting technicians to occupy diverse roles including senior bookkeeper, debtors’ clerk, creditors’ clerk and junior accountant.

Accounting Technicians are able to execute a wider scope of job content such as: Preparation of the books of the first entry like cash book, balancing and monitoring of debtors and creditors, completing and submitting of income tax , VAT and Employees returns, preparing financial reports, assisting with budget preparation.

Financial Administrators

Zame Mthiyane says: “Having been in the accounting and finance sector for the past 14 years we have realized that there is a need of internal accounting personnel within the growing business to support the entrepreneur in recording day to day activities. Another challenge is that of a startup business, where an entrepreneur requires services of an accountant but affordability at this level is a problem and this results in non-compliance. In solving these challenges, PZ Finance Institute (the then PZ Consulting (Pty) Ltd ) has come up with a concept of training two kinds of candidates through Accounting Technician Qualification to bridge this gap.”

How the PZ Finance Institute system works:

  • Those who will be employed – these we call “Financial Administrators”
  • Those who have entrepreneurial spirit and are passionate about running their own businesses offering bookkeeping, accounting, tax compliance and payroll services to small and micro businesses. – these we call “Accounting Entrepreneurs”

This is the new culture of supporting SMMEs’ as well as offering our youth opportunities for permanent employment.

Financial Administrators: will work hand in hand with Entrepreneurs to manage financial tasks e.g. processing of financial information, preparation of financial reports and interpretation thereof, controlling cash-flow systems and budgeting.

Accounting Entrepreneurs: will be servicing Small and Micro Businesses.

We are moved and persuaded to craft and make more leaders of impact in their own right who will be able to affect and influence the direction and growth of our economy.

PZ Finance Institute (Pty) Ltd is 90% black female owned with 10% youth owned entity.
We offer the Accounting Technician course (accredited by Accounting Technicians South Africa – AT (SA) , an affiliate of South African Institute of Chartered Accountants – SAICA) at our Durban Campus. Applications are now open for Level 3.
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