ATSA Qualifications

Why an AT(SA) Qualification?

AT(SA) is a unique partnership between the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) and the Accounting Technicians South Africa AT(SA).

AT(SA) is a  South African-based organisation built on strong national and international partnerships that makes provision for membership and qualifications specifically aimed at entry- to mid-level financial staff.

AT(SA) delivers a range of qualifications tailored to suit the needs of South Africa. This range includes specific local government and public sector accounting qualifications.

These qualifications are flexible and unique. An AT(SA) qualification is competency-based, allowing staff and accounting entrepreneurs to develop and apply their skills in their own work environment.

Based on occupational standards these qualifications have been adopted and accredited by SAQA.They qualifications can be obtained while you work.

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  • Accounting Qualifications – Public Sector (PS) (Available in 2020)
  • Accounting Qualifications – Local Government (LG) (Available in 2020)

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We offer the Accounting Technician course (accredited by Accounting Technicians South Africa – AT (SA) , an affiliate of South African Institute of Chartered Accountants – SAICA) at our Durban Campus. Applications are now open for Level 3.

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